About Us



As an accountant with 30 years experience, I felt a dissatisfaction with the traditional accounting practice model, a model that focussed on files and spreadsheets – everything but the person.  There was so little focus on client relationships and the people side of things.  

I had a vision of building a practice with an authentic people culture, where the relationships amongst our team and with the clients, is the most important thing.

That vision is Lark Business Advisory.

Eric Cirulis Director/CEO




Efficiency and production is vital in serving our clients, but we believe a positive team culture is essential in a successful business.  



At Lark, the connection between people is what matters most.  We are creating a family environment and every client is invited to be part of that family.  When our clients visit Lark they are taken on a tour of our office and introduced to the team.  We are focussing on building a fun and uniquely collaborative environment with a spotlight on total client care.  We want every client and every team member to feel valued and supported.



We’ve created a modern business from the ground up.  Innovative office spaces, less paper and more digital scanning, modern IT, modern processes, and a modern approach to people.

Our company is uniquely prepared to offer services to our customers into the 2020’s.