Just over 5 years ago, our CEO Eric Cirulis made the most courageous business decision of his life. That was to create his own family-owned business advisory practice with his wife Sally.


Here are a few words from Eric, in celebration of Lark’s 5-Year Anniversary.

The inspiration and drive came from a powerful vision to create an advisory practice that was different from the traditional accounting practice.

I felt that traditional accountancy practices are very task-focused. They work with spreadsheets and files and have a management structure that is very pyramid based, with the partner/director at the top of the structure.

At Lark Business Advisory, we work with people, not files, and our team structure operates on a very collaborative basis.


My burning dream & vision was to create an advisory practice that possesses the following characteristics:
  • a very strong focus on relationships with the clients & within the team
  • a practice where our clients are not just another number & another invoice
  • a practice where our clients are treated and embraced as part of the Lark family
  • an environment where our clients feel valued & feel that their needs are taken care of
  • a practice where we find out what makes our clients tick and what are their goals & plans
  • a team that works collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for our clients
  • a team that has a strong bond where everyone works together with and for each other
  • a team that is void of egos, arrogance and self-importance
  • a team that shares our values: passion/integrity/courage/gratitude & fun

That vision is Lark Business Advisory.

Our 5-year journey has been a journey of personal growth for each of our team members.

My focus has been to grow each of our team members and grow our clients so that they can be the best they can be.


The highlights/achievements in our 5-year journey to date are as follows:
  • We have transitioned 99% of our clients over to Lark Business Advisory
  • We fully migrated to the cloud at the start of 2019. This involved adopting cloud-based applications and scrapping our legacy software and systems
    • This proved to be one of the best decisions to date, which was validated once COVID-19 arrived, as we were able to operate seamlessly from home.
    • This allows us to deliver our services from anywhere in the world.
    • As part of this, we introduced DocuSign, which allows clients to sign important documents electronically from any device anywhere in the world.
    • We also introduced Ignition, our invoicing software, which is paperless & seamless. and allows clients to attend to their invoices without the hassle of having to receive paper invoices or having to print invoices.
  • We employed a Marketing Assistant
  • We employed a Sales Resource
  • We started to focus on providing advisory services to assist our clients in growing and achieving their goals
  • We became paperless
    • Again, this was well-tested during COVID-19 lockdowns
  • We acquired White & Black Chartered Accountants in Brisbane, in 2021

On behalf of all of my team, I am very grateful to all of our clients for all of their support along the journey.

Our clients are the purpose of our existence.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and work with them to ensure they achieve their goals and become the best they can be.

All the best.

Kind Regards,

Eric Cirulis