We previously foreshadowed that we are monitoring the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and that as a result of using best practice technology and being fully on the cloud our team are able to work remotely with full access capability. This allows us to respond quickly to changes in the current work environment. 

Today we have made the call that from Monday, 30th March, all of our team will be working from home. This is to ensure both the safety of our clients as well as our team.   

We will continue on this basis until further notice. 


Future meetings will be held either over the phone or by video conferencing using Zoom or Facetime. We have been actively using Zoom for client meetings for several months and encourage the use of this technology.

If you have an in-person meeting scheduled with us we will contact you to reschedule this to a phone or Zoom meeting.

Queries re Government Stimulus Package Announcements or other planning needs

Please contact us to discuss what you may be eligible for and feel free to reach out to us re any planning needs or other concerns.

Preparation of 2019 Income Tax Returns

We are conscious of the looming ATO deadlines, and are committed to ensuring our clients meet their ATO lodgement deadline notwithstanding the current climate.

In order to ensure this, we encourage clients who have not yet forwarded their 2019 taxation information to do so without haste.

Forwarding information to us

  • Email – This is our preferred method.
  • Mail – If you are not able to email your documents to us please continue to mail using our office address as the mailing address. The mail will be redirected to our administration team.
  • Document pick up – If either of the above methods do not work for you in the current environment we can arrange to pick up your taxation documents from you home. This will help to ensure we receive your taxation information on a timely basis so that we can meet your ATO lodgement deadline.

Contacting our Team

  • Calling our office telephone no: 03 9824 5275

This number will be redirected to a team member who will attend to your call. Our team members are contactable directly as follows:

Brooke Williams: brookew@larkadvisory.com.au

Cait McCloud: caitm@larkadvisory.com.au

Eric Cirulis: ericc@larkadvisory.com.au, m: 0409 141 151

Greg Kane: gregk@larkadvisory.com.au

Julie Richards: julier@larkadvisory.com.au, m: 0425 701 087

Sally Cirulis: sallyc@larkadvisory.com.au

Sophie Roddam: sophier@larkadvisory.com.au

Finally, we encourage you to remain connected with your family and friends. Stay safe & well.


Eric Cirulis